April 12, 2019  Attention Insurance Brokers. There is a hot topic to discuss. Your corporate clients and their employees can have a healthier future thanks to a Scottsdale, Arizona doctor’s new approach to annual physicals.
But first, a homework assignment…
Google: Physician Burnout.  You will find 8 million results. 
Google: Patient Burnout, there are 21 million results. 
America needs more effective healthcare management.

Enter Joseph Rotella, MD, the ‘Primary Care Disrupter’ whose practice is patient driven. Dr. Rotella explains it this way. “Imagine showing up at my office for a physical. You find yourself in a waiting room full of sneezing, coughing people who have the flu, measles, diabetes, dementia. You think, ‘Wait a minute. I’m here to get a wellness exam, will I get out alive?’”
In the midst of all that, envision the doctor dealing with sick people. First cancer, then pneumonia followed by Crohn’s disease. The receptionist tells the person in the lobby he has to wait. “But I scheduled my physical two months ago,” he replies.  
Dr. Rotella’s patients are too important to him, he had to find a solution–a new approach to preventative services.
He started by improving patient access. Physicals and wellness consults are performed by a lifestyle medicine nurse practitioner in a casual, not clinical-like setting almost adjacent to his Medical Center. Now patients can have physicals in one place and chronic/acute care in another.
That’s just the beginning.
Dr. Rotella developed an exam of the future, a preventative care visit and it’s available to everybody. “People who have endured ‘heart, lungs, labs, all patient physicals' will be amazed,” he said. “At our new facility
PreveneWellbeing you learn about you. Using advanced technology and analytic capabilities you see your body in a new light. Prevene Wellbeing exams stack up to the $3,000-$5,000 physicals at major healthcare facilities.”
Sounds expensive, how much does it cost?
The cost to patients is ZERO. No copay, no deductible. Insurance pays for an annual wellness visit. Dr. Rotella says, “One of the perks of paying high premiums is a free 
Prevene Wellbeing visit each year.
What does it include?
Patients go through broad screening including a noninvasive 3D full body scan that measures body composition and identifies potential issues, vital signs, glucose and cholesterol checks, ECG heart and rhythm check, Spirometer lung test, vaccine updates, lifestyle screening, and a thorough physical exam. Each patient receives a detailed report of findings and motivational counseling, setting healthy goals and a plan for success.
Dr. Rotella says, “We focus on the patient’s experience. We’re going to prepare you for better health options; better choices in a preventative visit.
It takes less than one hour. A 3D body scan only takes 35 seconds. Imagine seeing yourself in 3D so you understand your entire body as it relates to you and the future of your health.
“We want patient safety and evidence-based care. The idea is to have healthy communities and greater community engagement. We manage addictive habitual behavior and reduce personal spending burdens through individual engagement that we call motivational counseling with healthy goal setting.”
Insurance brokers have been singing the same ‘One Free Wellness Exam’ song for years. Now they are telling Corporate America about 
Prevene Wellbeing’s comprehensive program and mission to keep employees healthy. How good is that?
How much do you know about your body?
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April 19, 2019  In the dull, commonplace world of primary care physicals, I had an experience worth sharing. I found out more about my body than I’d ever known.
Dr. Joseph Rotella, my primary care physician has developed a state-of-the-art annual physical that includes a Styku 3D-body scanner. 
His new wellness exam is comparable to $3,000-$5,000 physicals performed at major hospitals. “I’m looking at primary care,” he said, “to help people. I want patients to know about their bodies so they can make better health choices with better health options. We are doing it at PreveneWellbeing, a modern facility with the latest technology.”
The excitement in his voice was irresistible. I volunteered to be there on opening day.
It worked out nicely. Two medical professionals took me through the process. I stripped down to compression shorts and stood on a round platform with my arms slightly extended. I was told, “don’t move.” I froze. Thirty-five seconds later the scan was complete.
The exam includes the 3D body scan, vital signs, glucose and cholesterol checks, ECG and Spirometer tests, vaccine updates, lifestyle screening and a thorough physical.
Beth, a lifestyle medicine nurse practitioner came in to discuss the test results and take me through motivational counseling–another component that sets the exam apart from others I’ve experienced. The final report contained more information than I could imagine.
I was nervous. My body has 83,000 miles on it. I’m eighteen years into Medicare. I have bulging and herniated discs in my back. when I squat my knees sound like I’m making popcorn. I avoid bathroom mirrors. I could have guessed my body measurements, shape and composition…but not the lumps, blobs and bumps.
Now  I know all about them.
I fell about laughing at the computer image of my body. I look like Alfred Hitchcock. There is even a profile image (like I needed a second opinion). 
The report lists more measurements than a Saville Row tailor would take. Thirty-one (31) body measurements in pounds and inches. Mass data: lean mass, bone mass, fat mass, etc. There are measurements galore. Fat mass and fat-free mass are ranked for “at risk levels” and compared to men in my age bracket. It was a jarring, medical police APB. Most of all it was rewarding.
All from a 35-second 3D body scan.
A questionnaire asks patients to rate their health, nutrition, exercise, sleep, relationships and stress management on a scale of 1-10. Beth and I went over my answers. Using scan data we discussed goals for fat-loss and caloric consumption. The scan report alerted me to a likelihood of disease compared with men my age with an ideal waistline.
I’ve seen house inspections with fewer data. But I’ve never felt better about knowing all about me.
And according to Dr. Rrotella, the Prevene Wellness exam is in its infancy. It will evolve in the future. There should be one on every corner.
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